EA-V module

Simna EA-V extension module provides optimal system installation by reducing wires lengths to the CA controller. Module is designed to be installed in the air handling unit (AHU) section at nearest point to the sensors and actuators, ensuring shortest cables and easiest installation. Module communicates with main controller using 4 wires cable.
It also provides additional functionality due to additional I/O ports.

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EA-V module expands CA controller functionality and provides benefits:

  • Local sensors connection with short cables
  • Integrated CAV pressure sensor
  • Integrated pressure sensor for air filter impurity
  • Modulating or on/off air dampers actuator control
  • Precise recirculation control
  • Main controller connection – 4 wires, up to 100m
  • Supply voltage – 24Vdc
  • Protection class – IP54
  • Dimensions – 159x156x76 mm
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