EA-P module

Simna EA-P extension module provides possibility to control additional air heater or cooler from the CA controller. Various types of heaters and coolers are supported, including 4 stage powerful electric heater with modulating control within entire heating range.
Main controller can control air heater or cooler as additional stage to the air handling unit (AHU) or as independent zone having separate temperature setting point to it.

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EA-P module expands CA controller functionality and provides benefits:

  • Water heater/cooler/combined control
  • Direct Expansion (DX) up to 4 stage control (up to 15 with binary setup)
  • Direct Expansion (DX) modulating control
  • Electric heater 4 stages control
  • Main controller connection – 4 wires, up to 100m
  • Supply voltage – 24Vdc
  • Protection class – IP54
  • Dimensions – 159x156x76 mm
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