CB controller

Simna CB is a controller designed for air handling units (AHU) control. AHU can be with supply only or supply and extract air flow. Rotary or plate heat exchanger control with failure detection and defrosting function is available. Electric heater can be controlled without any external power electronic components using integrated circuit. Water heater control is available with 0..10V output signal, which have cooling control option using changeover digital input.
All the functionality is pre-programmed and ready to use. Switches determine controller configuration.

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CB controller is designed for the regulation of the air handling unit (AHU).

Our solution benefits:

  • Pre-programmed AHU controller
  • Energy saving functionality
  • Colour 3,5” touch panel PT-B
  • Integrated electric heater control
  • Integrated power supply
  • Modbus protocol
  • Connectors – 4.2mm VAL-U-LOK connectors
  • Temperature inputs – 2, NTC 10k
  • Digital inputs – 3, internal pull-up
  • Analog outputs – 3, 0..10V
  • Digital relay outputs – 1, 230Vac 3A
  • PWM triac outputs – 1, 230Vac 5.5A zero-crossing PWM
  • Triac outputs – 1, 230Vac 0.5A zero-crossing control
  • Control panel – 1, RJ45 4P4C
  • Supply voltage – 230Vac
  • Protection class – IP20
  • Dimensions – 180x89x58 mm
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